In partnership with Caterina Moretti of Peca design studio, Barro is a handmade pendant with a ceramic base and glass shade; a beautiful marriage of natural materials that quite literally starts from the earth of Oaxaca.

Leveraging the expertise of local artisan Amando Pedro, Barro is created using ancient, region-specific processes. It begins with gathering earth from the surrounding areas to make the clay. Water is added to slake the clay and create slip, which is then poured into handmade plaster molds. Once the pieces are ready to be fired, they are placed in a wood-fired kiln and stoked continuously for nine hours. Rather than using a glaze, the pendants are hand-polished using river stones to create a smooth, uniform surface. Depending on the desired finish, the process diverges: For the Natural Clay finish the fixture is complete. To achieve the Charcoal Clay finish, the kiln is covered in mud, sealing in the heat and smoke, and the pendant is fired again, absorbing the smoke and transforming the color of the clay to a darker finish.

The production uses age-old, region-specific techniques to create something truly beautiful and unique. As a designer, Caterina’s inspiration comes from nature and raw materials, and specifically, their ability to offer multiple possibilities for shapes and textures – from the deeply special to the everyday. The Barro pendant lamps represent the conjunction of tradition and innovation. Incredibly versatile, they integrate easily to elevate their respective surroundings – over a dining table or kitchen island, or dotted over a bar in a restaurant.


(NA) Ø 6.625, H 13.75 (in)


Black 6.5ft (2m) cord, black powder coated canopy

16ft (5m) cords available on request


(NA) Ø 4.5, H .3 (in)

(EU) Ø 10, H 2.5 (cm)

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