Dream big.
Scribble often.
Make thoughtfully.

Graypants is a team of problem solvers. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants’ bold creativity leads to diverse designs in products, architecture, and other beautiful objects around the world. Their work expands globally with collaborations and custom designs for leading companies worldwide.

The team


Seth Grizzle – Creative Director, Designer
Jonathan Junker – Executive Director, Designer
Alan Marrero – Custom Shop Manager
Clint Hensley – Production Manager
Hannah Ruwe – Sales Manager
Leah Cohen-Sapida – Custom Design Manager
Dan Taylor – Design Lead
Natalie Miller – Office Manager

Amsterdam Studio

Arno Ruijzenaars – Director
Wouter Smit – General Manager
Sabrina Sas – Sales Associate
Jopke Thijssen – Sales Associate
Erwin Termaat – Technical Design Manager
Daan Van Rees – Technical Designer
Michiel Greeve – Brand Manager
Corinne Zwarter – Marketing and Communications