The self-powered solar light that captures, stores and produces light indoors. By day, it harvests energy from the sun while it hangs by your window, and by night, it brings sunlight into your home.

The sun is an unlimited free source of energy and is key to fighting our climate crisis; by embedding solar technology into our everyday lives, we can accelerate the transition to a solar-powered future.
Sunne is shaped like the horizon, the curve providing a larger surface area that allows for maximum solar cells. The lamp has three settings that imitate all the natural moments of the sun; Sunne Rise, Sunne Set and Sunne Light.

Size: W 31.7, D 1.7, H 6.5 (in)
Material: Annodized aluminium, acrylic, plastic
Battery life: up to 14 hours
Dimmable by App
For use in a dry location. Do not use aggressive detergent to clean.

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